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Agnes Hellstrom with the report outside the police station in Stockholm.

SPAS reports Saab for suspected bribery

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society reports the Swedish defence company Saab to the police for suspected bribery and obstruction of justice related to the sale of Jas Gripen to South Africa. Cause for the report to the police is that series of new evidence have emerged through the news media Svenska Dagbladet and TV4 this year. Evidence include deals between Saab and former corruption accused Fana Hlongwane and Moses Mayekiso. One deal is a settlement agreement between Saab and Mayekiso involving payouts of 600 000 SEK. 

– The arms deal with South Africa can be the largest corruption scandal a swedish company ever has been involved in. The purchase of Jas Gripen had a devastating impact on the young democracy in South Africa. The arms deal also received substantial  and crucial support from the Swedish government, the Swedish royal house and other state agencies. It is time to get clarity on Saabs role in this scandal, says Agnes Hellström, president of SPAS. 

The deals that have emerged through Svenska Dagbladet and TV4 reinforce the suspicions of corruption in connection to the sale of 28 Jas Gripen to South Africa in 1999. The deals also show that Saab has lied about its contacts with the corruption accused Fana Hlongwane. 

In May 2017 investigative reporting from TV4 Kalla Fakta revealed that Kjell Möller, then CEO of Saab, had signed an agreement with Moses Mayekiso. Earlier Saab have denied cooperation with and payouts to Fana Hlongwane. The settlement agreement between Saab and Mayekiso was signed as late as 2015 which means the evidence is yet not barred under Swedish law. 

– It is obvious that there is more facts to obtain and more to investigate in this story. Through the report to the police we demand that the Jas Gripen-investigation is reopened and that the investigation is given enough resources to work properly. But we also want to shed light on the Swedish government's responsibility. Saab continues to receive extensive support from the Swedish state when selling arms. Therefore we claim that the Swedish government has a responsibility, also to make sure that this scandal is investigated once and for all, says Agnes Hellström, president of SPAS.


Agnes Hellström, President of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society: +46709 54 05 13,

Eva Kellström Froste, Press Secretary, +46 70 763 48 57,

>> The police report (in Swedish)

Publicerad 2017-12-04